Starting a business can be terrified as there are lots of decisions to make. Do not worry; make it easier with monsonia

Validate before you build

We ask the big questions starting from who is your customer, what problems you are trying to solve, how does your product solve the market problem and what are the key features that might give you a headstart.

We encourage you to start with a business model canvas which is a one-page strategy consulting for startups describing the high-level strategic details of your product vision.

Technology consulting

Let us be your CTO if you need one. We can recommend the best fitting technology depending on your project needs and chosen growth strategy. Our expert guidance helps you to choose the best solutions for accelerated growth of your business. Monsonia is the company that helps startup companies to manufacture the product and prototype your ideas from MVP to the whole Product development

How is it possible?

Primary, Monsonia will discover and design the product. Great Design is not merely something that has to look decent. Product discovery removes uncertainty and gives focus about project scope, budget needed, and next steps. Furthermore, MVP Development We know it is all about launching your product in market as soon as possible, so here is Monsonia MVP development services for startups, including business analysis, Design, genuine advancement stage with a continuous task the executives and testing.

We develop End-to-End IT solutions for your business.

We develop End-to-End IT solutions for your business.

Our Process for Startup Product Development

A roadmap is a strategic-level blueprint for converting your value proposition into a product. Think about your roadmap and milestones, not just in terms of feature list but from customer value stand-point. A few minutes of research based on the data gathered on your target audiences’ persona help you prioritize features and fixes.

Workshop & Ideation

In Workshop & Ideation Stage, we discuss the project idea with clients, identify risks, understand requirements and create a development plan.

What we do and what we offer

Product Design

We develop a prototype based on the requirements gathered during the initial workshop stage to ensure how the app will look and feel. Once we receive your feedback, our designer converts wireframes into the design.

MVP Launch and Development

The development team creates a stripped-down MVP to showcase the functionality of the application for early adopters and investors.

Support and Maintenance

As a part of our support and maintenance services, we provide 3rd party maintenance, OS and server migration, application monitoring and application improvement.

Product Development

A product roadmap is defined based on the MVP feedback analysis. We develop mobile and web apps using an agile development approach and the latest technology stack. Our quality assurance team performs unit testing of sprint-based deliveries to ensure that it meets quality requirements.

Your benefit

  1. 2x better Time to Market
  2. Up to 60% of development cost saved
  3. Successful exit for startups
  4. Software processes optimized
  5. Scalable and Sustainable Product Architecture
  6. Great User Experience