However, when the buffer is full, a disconnect will be initiated from the server-side, and the buffered messages are dropped, and they will not be resent to the client. The concurrency limit defines the number of maximum allowed concurrent websocket connections per APIKey at the current moment.

huobi api pairs

There is a delay in “Order Details Acquisition” interface (/swap-api/v1/swap_order_detail), so it is better to fill in “created_at” and “order_type” . In this way, it will directly query the database, so the query results will be more timely. You can check the order status through the interface swap-api/v1/swap_order_info. The historical kline data can be obtained via API interface /market/history/kline with the request params from, to . And the qty of data records cannot be exceeding 2000 in each time.

This is why we recommend you always check through your Huobi transaction history once you’ve imported your data. This lets you identify and resolve any issues, so Koinly can create an accurate crypto tax report. We recommend the following simple steps to check your tax report. The closing price of flash close orders has a predictable effect, which can avoid users’ loss due to the orders cannot be filled when the market fluctuates violently. The corresponding data will not be returned if the sub-account has visited the contract system but has not opened contract trading. Only data of sub-accounts with contract trading opened will be returned. If it is an order-related issue, use the API order query interface option-api/v1/option_order_info to keep the complete log returned and provide your UID and order number.

Q4: What Is The Difference Between Api Hbdmcom And Apihbdmvn?

When type is api, In API authentication, parameter op, type, cid, Signature do not participate in operation. For the Trade WebSocket interface, server have to do authentication for topics require authentication before making connection. Please note that the WS request connection should not go over 30 normally. Server return error but remain connection After successful authentication, Server will return error but not disconnect if Client provides illegal Op or there is any internal error. 40 subscriptions at most can be sent in one second in websocket connections. Transferring margin between Spot account and Coin Margined Swap account Interface, sets 8 decimal places for transferring amount of all coins.

huobi api pairs

This endpoint allows parent user to query withdraw address available for API key. Via this endpoint, parent user could query either parent user’s point balance, or sub user’s point balance. Via this endpoint, user could only query point’s balance instead of any other cryptocurrency’s balance. 1) Be aware of that, some items within the query window were not returned due to the page size limitation. This endpoint returns a list of accounts owned by this API user. Market data APIs provide public market information such as varies of candlestick, depth and trade information. API Explorer allows user to invoke and observe each API request and response without writing any program.

Query Deposit History Of Sub User

Market Data Request Reject message is used to reject the request for the market data. Market Data Request message is used to request market data. The snapshot message represents the initial collection of the orders in the order book.

  • User should query redemption history to confirm the transaction status post redemption.
  • The stream will send the data to the client as fast as possible; this can result in a high volume of data in cases where the subscription scope is broad.
  • A: You can call API GET /v1/common/symbols to get the currency pair information, pay attention to the difference between the minimum amount and the minimum price.
  • The first step is completely the same as the market data session — Logon.

Despite the fact Huobi’s proprietary crypto trading bot can be considered a fair alternative to paid solutions, it provides only basic trading automations. The entire process is quick, and verification usually takes no longer than 24 hours. The submitted documents are safe and secured, and they are reviewed manually by the Huobi team.

To Subscribe Kline Data, Clients Have To Connect Websocket Api Server And Send Subscribe Request With The Format Below:

On the encrypted endpoints, we are using protocols that are considered the best security practices. Running the script allows for easy automated selling of STEEM for USDT. Whenever new STEEM gets deposited into the account it will be automatically sold after it reached a certain threshold.

Other value indicating snapshot limited to provided number of best levels. 264MarketDepthDepth of market for Book Snapshot, value ignored for trades. Communication with our FIX gateway is secured by TLS protocol if you are using the encrypted port. We recommend stunnel as a proxy if a secure connection can’t be established directly from your client and you can’t allow the unencrypted traffic. Heartbeat message is sent to you every time there is one second of silence in communication between us, if you agreed on this feature in Hello message. Make sure that your client is reading the stream fast enough.

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Huobi Review 2021: Fees, Payment Methods, Safety!.

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Market Data – Incremental Refresh message, representing new executed transaction or orderbook update. Security List Request message is used to request full symbol list or narrowed to specific criteria. If the data source is providing the maximum resoluiont of the order book on level 2 then this data type will fallback to the Level 2, in that case the Order ID’s will be null or not provided. You should treat Order without Id as Level 2 aggregated entry in the price queue.

Websocket Interface For System Status Updates

In FIX we use MarketDataRequest to indicate updates for what instrument and exchanges we would like to receive. The XTRD MD Feeder expects that you will start your handshake by sending a special message called Logon that contains fields Username and Password. As you can see, the application will start sending orders only if it is in the APP_ENTER_MARKET stage which is a combination of MD_READY and ORD_READY. If something unexpected happened, e.g. one of the sessions lost a connection, all trading activities will be stopped.

huobi api pairs

A Book50 message is sent for each update on orderbook first 50 best bid or ask levels. A Book20 message is sent for each update on orderbook first 20 best bid or ask levels. A Book5 message is sent for each update on orderbook first 5 best bid or ask levels. Quote message is sent for each update on orderbook first best bid or ask level. Hello message can be repeated, each one will cause subscription scope override without interruption of your WebSocket connection.

Get Account History

However, for investors with old Huobi accounts or investors with hundreds of transactions, manually adding all this information is tedious to say the least! Step 6) You have successfully created an API key with a standard validity of 90 days. You may edit the API key note and bind IP address simply by clicking “Edit”. API users should evaluate the business impact caused by the new endpoint introduced, further to make relevant change in client’s application, if needed. Order book will be checked every 30 ms. If there is an update, the system will push to you; if not, you will not receive any push data. It is a serial number in ascending order, which increases by 1 every time.

While connected to websocket, you can also use it in pull style by sending message to the server. After connected to Huobi’s Websocket server, the server will send heartbeat periodically . Returning “repayId” doesn’t mean the repayment is 100% successful. Please check the transaction record to confirm the repayment status. The conditional order before triggering, as well as the conditional order failed to trigger, can be queried out through this endpoint instead of any endpoint in “Trading” section. This endpoint only returns those conditional orders which have not triggered with orderStatus value as created. This endpoint only supports order cancellation for those conditional orders which have not triggered yet.

huobi api pairs

It also launched a native token which further increased its international exposure. Note that Huobi only allows for data export for the past 4 months.

Every new WebSocket connection increases the Concurrency limit against quota, and when it’s closed, decreases it. We define WebSocket request as the event when the Certified Software Development Professional WebSocket upgrade on the HTTP is happening. Limit prevents your client application from abusing the API by reconnecting in the loop without exponential backoff.

The hello limit restricts the number of maximum allowed hello messages per IP address in the time interval (sliding/rolling window ending at a specific moment) for your subscription. Limit prevents your client application from abusing the API by changing the scope of the subscription. If everything is correct, we will provide you with a continuous stream of real-time market data updates.

We do not recommend using this code in a production environment because it suffers from significant performance penalties. But it’s still good enough for the purpose of this article.

3) As advanced conditional order, trailing stop order does support additional triggering condition crypto exchange connectors development i.e. trailing rate. The valid value range of trailing rate is between 0.1% and 5%.

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