We are a full-service eCommerce agency. We develop functional eCommerce user experiences and mix multiple business parts into one digital commerce ecosystem to improve conversions.

Our Human-Centered UX UI Design Procedure

Our UX UI design solution is planned to solve the user problem. We classify it into three major segments – creativity, Inspiration, and execution. Monsonia’s central tenet is to understand the user behavior and put it in the end-user state to evident all these categories. The result – an unusual UI and UX design solution that is incorporated by end-users.

Foundational Research

Expose Unmet Needs and Identify the Problem Before you can resolve a problem, you must first determine what the problem is. Foundational research finds answers to these questions. Our team uses design thinking to expose unmet needs, identify the correct problem and experience it, and uncover critical insights into how we can solve it

Building Digital Ecosystems for Leading Brands

We understand that alluring web designs can not just follow the “One size fits all” theory. Every vertical has specific requirements and their customers engage differently within the online space. That’s why we take a data-driven approach to UI/UX to make sure that our eCommerce designs communicate well with your target audience.

Identification Planning

Walking into users’ shoes The aids of doing identification planning are multiple. We believe it removes bias from our designs and affiliates the team on a shared understanding of the user’s identification, We then discover flaws in our research understand what initiatives users’ behaviors which finally guide us towards what the user is feeling or thinking.

Analyzing Competitor Landscape

Identifying what to and what not toIt is essential to identify with whom you are challenging. We’re identifying possible competitors and their target customers, and we plan accordingly what we need to do and what not in the UX UI product design planning.

Design Strategy

Formulate A Vision for Your Digital Products To solve the problem we identified, it is critical to understand the context surrounding it and your business. Then, we help you formulate a strategy specifically around the Design and vision of your digital products and services.

Low Fidelity Drafts

Building screen design Information Architecture helps us in creating a plan that prevents findability and usability disasters – leading to costly redesigns. We start to create fast and cheap on-paper architypes integrating navigation, content, and action for each user requirement. This activity helps us get early feedback from our stakeholders, rectify mistakes, and iterating to reduce rework at later stages.

High Fidelity Wireframing

We further renovate the paper prototypes into high fidelity wireframes. This helps in specifying out the screens in their exact shape and style. Alongside, we build a click-through prototype to define the flow that becomes the sole reference for our visual design experts.

Defining UI Guidelines

The last step is setting up the color palette, typography, the call-to-action buttons, notifications and alerts, icons and possibly, every component of a user interface.

Discover. Define. Design. Prototype. Iterate.

All the magic for perfection happens here.

Our Expert Team

Our team gives it 100% to make sure we accomplish our clients’ goals. Being agile and cutting down on internal bureaucracy, we are able to deliver best results within tight deadlines

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